Under the Radar loved this set! https://t.co/71WlCy43Hg

10-25-2017 via twitter

More good Take a Good Look (TV series) news on the recently released DVD set!... https://t.co/agK6BPXv5c

10-18-2017 via twitter

More from Dallas, Texas! Thanks TheaterJones! https://t.co/8bTYq27vBG

10-18-2017 via twitter

Thanks Paul and The Los Angeles Beat for this nugget on Kovacs & Take a Good Look (TV series)! Another rave!... https://t.co/uVU6XYhiYk

10-18-2017 via twitter

One we missed! It's GOOD!!! https://t.co/Co0e9ePCBc https://t.co/yTpdsm1RZU

11-01-2017 via twitter

Who knew Amy Sedaris was a fan!!! https://t.co/mxbsZWafoK

10-24-2017 via twitter

https://t.co/e1LancIIbh weighs in.... https://t.co/tsGXwEbCqr

10-17-2017 via twitter

Vulture loves the Kovacs film, Bell, Book and Candle - witch is your favorite? :) https://t.co/LEarwx4dhe

10-26-2017 via twitter

Thanks to Armando Lopez for these shots of Kids in the Hall's Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald at the Dallas... https://t.co/8ObGGMXe9K

10-19-2017 via twitter

Thanks to Armando Lopez for these great photos from Dallas VideoFest last weekend with Kids in the Hall for the Ernie Kovacs award!

10-19-2017 via twitter

Some Kovacs talk here...from TV Confidential: A radio talk show about television...if you wanna dig in... https://t.co/nabItsbvPc

11-16-2017 via twitter

Another rave! Thanks Bottom Shelf Movies! https://t.co/BrZRx5bnlp https://t.co/QEbU8VaENq

10-15-2017 via twitter

Today! Get your tix now! https://t.co/DGnAMUBjsR

10-14-2017 via twitter

Thank you Danny Gallagher and the Dallas Observer for this piece on the Dallas VideoFest, the Ernie Kovacs award... https://t.co/B4NXqO9soO

10-13-2017 via twitter

Kovacs on stage in Las Vegas, Nevada along with @Jayne Mansfield, Mickey Hargitay & Spike Jones - wait for it!... https://t.co/qoQ9AejlyQ

11-18-2017 via twitter

Fun Fact: Did you know that a young Elliot Gould was a dancer in the chorus on "The Ernie Kovacs Show"?... https://t.co/SRdbz1Wvju

11-20-2017 via twitter

Thanks Huffington Post! More kind words about Take a Good Look (TV series)! https://t.co/LNu5DAPDOA

10-27-2017 via twitter

Will we see you tomorrow Dallas, Texas for Dallas VideoFest? Kids in the Hall present! https://t.co/SxwWk81Aq7

10-13-2017 via twitter

Fun Fact: Did you know that a young Christopher Walken once appeared on "The Ernie Kovacs Show"?... https://t.co/xsoYxKUEXU

11-17-2017 via twitter

Yes...take a good listen. More talk about Kovacs and the new Take a Good Look (TV series) box set! https://t.co/pEoeUthlN3

11-10-2017 via twitter
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